Monday, February 18, 2013

Circus Themed Party for the Jones Retail Groups Christmas Party 2012

This 'Night at the Circus' Themed Event was commissioned by the Jones Retail Group for their Annual Christmas party and was held at the Redland's Cultural Centre in Brisbane. The fabulously dressed guests were welcomed and photographed in front of our equally fabulous Circus Entrance Prop complete with Plush Red Carpet Runner, Gold Topped Bollards, Circus Sign, Turrets and Lashings of Red and Yellow chiffon...memories for a life time.

Awaiting inside were Popcorn and Hotdog stand props so lavishly stocked it could only be an IGA Christmas party! Surrounding the room (filled with Vivid Multicoured, Spotted Helium balloons) were our Lion Tamer Photo Board, Clowns on Bicycles Photo Board, and Illuminated Side Show Alley Sign Props. Last but not least were a series of Red and Yellow Uplights and our dynamic Red and Yellow search lights. 

Leane and Tyronne, thank you again for choosing PARTI to theme another of your fabulous parties,  I'm sure you have the happiest team in the business.

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