Want a quick preview of what we do? Don't hesitate! These are photos of some of the events we have decorated. These aren't modelled- these are real functions that we have done in the past!

This 'Night in Rome' Theme, was commissioned by Tom Aitkenhead for the celebration of his 30th Birthday. The event was held at 'River Park Place',  in Brisbane. Tom wanted to create an epic Toga party in hounour of his closest friends, family and colleagues. The entrance was dominated by  'Caesar s' Throne and a Grecian Pillared Arch. Cocktails were served in a room decorated by ten Illuminated Grecian Columns, with alternating themed Cocktail tables: (1) fruit laden Urns and a (2) Caesar Bust a gold base.

Don't forget- more and more photos each week! Check us out!

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