Monday, February 18, 2013

A Night at the Disco for the Hear and Say Ball Brisbane 2012

This 'Night at the Disco' Theme Event was commissioned by the Hear and Say Centre - Brisbane for their Annual Charity Ball and was held at the Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre(BCEC). As usual Karen Descovich (Events Manager - Hear and Say) wanted to lift the bar on previous events to ensure her very sophisticated following were given a treat. Lots of lighting and bling combined with the by-gone era made eternal by the movie 'Saturday Night Fever'. All our services combined together and made for Hear and Says most successful fundraiser yet!!! We were asked to provide Event Design, Props and Installation.


Karen provided us with a Theme and Artwork for the Invitation. From there we developed Concept Drawings so that she could visualise the Decorating plan.Once the creative was reconciled with the budget we then contacted the BCEC and talk through these elements with the Event Planning Manager: Melissa Nguyen and Senior AV Project Manager: Steven McDonald. This consultative process resulted in Decorating Floor Plan that encompassed all our power and Audio Visual  requirements. An event Execution Schedule was developed and shared with all parties.


Apart from the basic elements (Entrance, Stage/Dance Floor Backdrop, 2 x Room Props and Table Centres) the Hear and Say Ball always includes a Silent Auction Room, A Beverage Bar and four other Room Props. This is how it eventually panned out:

Entrance Props: 
1 x Giant Disco Sign , 
6 x Cityscape Backdrop Panels
1 x  Red Carpet Runner 
8 x Silver Bollards
6 x Black Boa Rails
Silent Auction Room Props
1 x Studio 54 Entrance, 
1 x Red Carpet Runner, 
8 x Silver Bollards, 
6 x Black Boa Rails, 
1 x Rotating Mirror Ball. 
12 x Black Curtains
Table Props: 
20 x Mirror Ball Center Piece with Sequined Table Runner and Black Table Linen 
20 x Illuminated Giant Martini Glass with Multi-Coloured Acrylic Ice. 
Room Props 
1 x Dance Diva Silhouette and Dynamic Mutil-coloured Strobe Light 
1 x Moves Man Silhouette and Dynamic Mutil-coloured Strobe Light
1 x Groovy Dude Silhouette and Dynamic Mutil-coloured Strobe Light
1 x Groovy Chic Silhouette and Dynamic Mutil-coloured Strobe Light
Bar Props
2 x Illuminated Disco Bar Canopies
Stage Props
1 x Giant Disco Backdrop


Installation at the BCEC is always straight forward and with the excellent support from Venue staff just a matter of good preparation and planning. This job required approximately: 48hrs of Preparation, 48hrs Installation(Bump-in) and Warehousing(Bump-out) of 24hrs. Total 120hrs.

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